Michaela's Pilates

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What my students think of my work:

From Nely Keinanen

I just want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed these years of Pilates. I can’t imagine having had a better, more compassionate teacher. Your sense of humor also made our classes really fun. And I think in these years I’ve found muscles that had been somehow lost.
I wish you all the best with your new studio in England. The people of  Ipswich are going to be so lucky to have you.

From Anne Huhtala:

For me your Pilates classes have been a blessing… My back feels so much better now. As I sit so much at work, I need these classes to keep me well. Besides, you are an excellent Pilates teacher!

From Beatrice Silen:

Michaela’s Pilates has a way of strengthening your body without straining it. In some exercises I can feel my muscles shake and sweat covering my forehead, but a few minutes later, after a breathing exercise with slower movements, I am completely recovered. And Pilates does wonders. After one year and a half with regular Pilates exercises I feel stronger. My riding coach has told me that I am no longer leaning to the left but keeping my torso straight. When I took out my bike for the first time this spring I drove for two hours. No sore muscles or stiff knees the following day. Still last year I had to build up the strength in my knees and muscles slowly – I am 60 years old. A few years ago I was also almost developing a frozen shoulder by working in the wrong position in front of the computer. No sign of that anymore. When we start a Pilates lesson I can sometimes feel stiff, but when I leave the classroom the feeling is quite the opposite. I feel light and supple. You grow dependent on Pilates.

From ‘Anonymous”

I just talked with someone and praised your classes, and especially your professional, personal guidance that you give us during the class! She’d like to join a beginners’ class.
Your pilates classes have had an influence both on my work and personal life: I have found my ever-so-small 🙂 muscles! I can hold myself up better – I see it in small things like bending down (e.g. collecting toys from the floor), which in actual fact aren’t that small, but extremely essential things in everyday life.
Furthermore, as my physique has improved, my spirits are higher. I’m also more conscious of how I breathe (take could long breaths every now and then rather than breath superficially). That together with the pilates movements have helped me with my lung problems which undoubtedly have something to do with a stiff thorassic spine.
All in all, I’m so much taken by pilates now that I try to attend other pilates classes as well (near my home).